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Rothco Canvas Map Case Shoulder Bag

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Discover outdoor adventure and wilderness with Rothco’s Map Case Shoulder Bag. Perfect for EDC and outdoor travel, this canvas bag features a large compartment, front pocket, secure closure, and adjustable shoulder strap for on-the-go organization that is ready when you are.

  • Efficient Organization: Large main compartment with divider stores essentials like tablets, phones, and multitools.
  • Additional Storage: Front pocket offers extra space with slots and elastic straps for tools and pens.
  • Secure Closure: Dual snap-button flap ensures your belongings stay safe and secure.
  • Enhanced Structure: Hard board stiffener on the back provides added stability and security.
  • Adjustable Strap: Detachable shoulder strap extends to 42 inch, allowing comfortable cross-body or shoulder carry.
WARNING: California Residents Click Here For California Prop 65 Warning.
  • canvas
  • Canvas
  • 12" x 8 1/2" x 4 1/2"
  • Snaps, Flap
  • No
  • IND
  • 322
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These bags are the perfect size for keeping automotive tech manuals in your vehicle, and the small pocket on the front is also the perfect size for most owner/operator manuals, receipt wallets, notepads, or small forms. The elastic pen loops can be used for small tools, a tire pressure gage, and of course writing utensils. I have one for each of my vehicles and would recommend it for any person who likes to work on their own vehicle and maintain it by the book. I would give 5 stars except that design has one flaw. It's not possible to snap the flap shut when the bag is full, as with a two-volume tech manual set. This can be remedied by adding a second pair of snap-button studs about two inches bove the two studs already provided-that's what I do. This allows the flap to be securely closed whether the bag is partially or completely full. Also, if used frequently as a shoulder bag, the strap would be better if provided with a slip on pad like Rothco's "All-purpose Shoulder Strap with Removable Pad", or if the strap were wider like Rothco's "General Purpose Utility Strap". I think Rothco would do well to incorporate a second pair of snap studs in their next revision of this pattern so users can get the full use of the bag's volume, and I would recommend making note of the potential utility of this bag to off-roaders or vehicle fleet managers in descriptions.

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