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Rothco G.I. Type Ripple Sole Desert Tan Jungle Boots - 10 Inch

Item #: 5058 Price: $72.99

Rothco's 10 inch Ripple Sole Desert Tan Jungle Boots combine classic style with modern features for optimal performance. Crafted from a durable blend of suede and leather, these boots provide robust protection and long-lasting wear. The 10 inch design offers superior ankle support, making them ideal for challenging terrains. The ripple sole design enhances grip, ensuring stability on various surfaces. A nylon-coated brass speedhook and eyelet lacing system provide quick and secure adjustments.

  • Durable Suede and Leather Construction: These boots feature a 10 inch design crafted from a blend of suede and leather for robust protection and long-lasting wear.
  • Enhanced Traction with Ripple Sole: The ripple sole design offers superior grip and stability on various surfaces, making them perfect for rugged outdoor activities.
  • Secure Lacing System: Equipped with a nylon-coated brass speedhook and eyelet lacing system, these boots allow for quick and secure adjustments.
  • Maximum Comfort: The midsole heat barrier and removable cushioned sole ensure comfort during extended use, reducing foot fatigue.
  • Added Support: Featuring a steel shank, these boots provide extra support and stability, enhancing your performance on challenging terrains.
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  • Suede / Leather Upper, Ripple Sole, Steel Shank
  • No
  • Desert Tan
  • Adult
  • Canvas, Leather
  • All Weather
  • Laces
  • CHN
  • No
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So far these are good boots. They go on easy enough without a side zipper but to allow the fully closed "speed laces" to function, the laces end up being extremely long after tightening. The insole could be a bit better padded as i could feel the rougher footbet throught it but a new insole fixed that. The shank was very soft from the start and broke in easily. Haven't had them long enough to comment on durability but for the price a solid boot.
Great boots! But Vibram soles are recomended for these..

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