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Rothco Concealed Carry Soft Shell Jacket

Item #: 55385 Price: $169.99

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Our Concealed Carry Soft Shell Jacket is engineered to defend you from the harshest weather, and features a waterproof 100% polyester outer shell that’ll keep you, your firearm, and your mags dry.

Rothco’s Soft Shell Weatherproof 3-later fabric system deflects wind, retains heat, and releases moisture. The high-performance fabric will help protect and keep you comfortable while braving the elements.

  • STAY WARM AND PREPARED: Our Concealed Carry Soft Shell Jacket is engineered to defend you from the harshest weather, and features a waterproof 100% polyester outer shell that’ll keep you, your firearm, and your mags dry.
  • WEATHERPROOF SOFT SHELL SYSTEM: Rothco’s Soft Shell Weatherproof 3-layer fabric system deflects wind, retains heat, and releases moisture. The high-performance fabric will help protect and keep you comfortable while braving the elements.
  • CONCEALED CARRY POCKETS: These field jackets also feature a 4 inner mag pockets and 2 flap pockets, all of which use hook and loop closures to secure your firearm and accessories.
  • TACTICAL POCKETS: The 2 shoulder zipper pockets and 2 chest zipper pockets each have an opening for wired headphones. The double zipper back pocket is ideal for gloves and other accessories, while the left forearm pocket is great for small items.
  • TACKLE THE COLD: Along with keeping your body warm and comfortable in a variety of environments, the outdoor jacket’s fleece liner is extremely breathable, giving you the freedom to move comfortably and focus on the task at hand.
  • PROTECTION FROM THE ELEMENTS: These winter coats feature a removable stowaway drawstring hood that stores inside the collar. The adjustable elastic wrist cuffs and drawstring waist help block the wind and cold weather while retaining heat.
  • CONVENIENT ACCESS: The front full-length dual zipper allows you to open the jacket from both the top and bottom for quick and easy access to your items at a moment’s notice. Great for quick and easy IWB access.
  • TOUGH AND LONG-LASTING: The reinforced forearm yokes enhance the military jacket’s durability and performance on the field.
  • TEMPERATURE REGULATION: The zippered underarm vents provide additional ventilation and breathability, allowing you to perform your best, even during the most intense and challenging missions.
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR LOOK: Display your flag and morale patches on the 2 shoulder loop fields.
  • DISCREETLY CARRY IN CONFIDENCE: Rothco stands out as the leader in concealed carry clothing and accessories. With a rich heritage spanning over 7 decades, we have honed our expertise in crafting durable and effective CCW gear.
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  • CHN
  • Zipper, Hook and Loop, Drawstring
  • Polyester, Fleece
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Sandwich Layer Wicks Away Moisture, 100% Polyester Waterproof Outer Shell, Inner Fleece Liner
  • 12
  • 42
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2/28/18 Just bought the jacket. At first the detachable hood is very bulky but it can be taken off and stored in the back pouch. The Jacket i bought is a 2xl and fits loose, the XL was too tight. I like a lot of pockets but this jacket is not finished, if feels like they stopped the manufacturing of it. Pockets to deep and carrying a gun for concealment, i question the depth of the pockets, sloppy. I bought it because of the pockets, waterproof and wind resistant. If the pockets were detailed out, I'd give it a better score.
After 1 year, and 1 month, the main zipper failed and will not zip properly, effectively making this jacket useless as it's intended purpose. To properly CCW, the jacket must zip closed. After speaking with VT Barre, Rothco will not stand behind an exchange or repair of the zipper. As far as CCW, the jacket has good pockets for magazines, but the weapon pockets are shoddy and velco. Extreme care must be utilized if removing or putting on the jacket with weapons in the pockets. It works nicely as a 100$ rain coat now.
This jacket has great potential but falls short in a few glaring areas. The weight isnt too heavy, but is solid quality. The arm pockets are great but the check pockets are the depth of the jacket and its hard to reach anything in them. There are no front lower pockets, but thats where everything ends up anyway. The gun pocket is very loose with no restraint or way to attach a holster, could be much better. The hood is way too bulky for a soft shell, should have just given it a regular collar. I am tall the arms are a bit long and the torso acceptable but I wish it was a bit longer. I really like the potential of this jacket, but I feel like they overlooked some decent issues that could have been solved so easily.

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