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Rothco Jungle Boots - 8 Inch

Item #: 5081 Price: $57.99

Conquer challenging terrains with Rothco’s Jungle Boots - a fusion of action boot durability and running shoe comfort. Crafted with breathable canvas/nylon, an 8-inch ankle height, and a steel shank for support, these boots offer all-day comfort. The vulcanized rubber outsole ensures superior traction, while the high ankle support and rugged action leather vamp provide durability. Ideal for hot weather, the ventilated design keeps feet cool.

  • Breathable Canvas Construction: Keep your feet cool and dry in any climate with a canvas upper featuring vent holes, designed for hot weather conditions.
  • Vulcanized Rubber Outsole: Navigate any terrain confidently with a cleated Panama outsole known for its durability and traction, a favorite among active duty personnel.
  • Steel Shank Support: Reduce strain on your heel and calf during long days with an internal steel shank providing stability and support.
  • High Ankle Support: Nylon uppers, reinforced seams, and an 8-inch height offer dependable durability and ankle support for challenging activities.
  • Service-Spec Construction: Authentically crafted to original service specifications, these boots are designed for reliability, featuring a 9-eyelet lace system and a size larger fit for optimal performance.
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  • Hot Weather
  • No
  • Mens, Adult
  • Action Leather Vamp, Canvas / Nylon Upper, Steel Shank
  • Steel, Leather, Nylon, Canvas
  • 2
  • 9 Eyelets - Metal
  • Laces
  • CHN
  • No
  • 133
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I originally had a pair of these boots and used them whilst I was serving in the Australian Army during the early 1980’s, they are still going strong even now after many adventures and much tough love. So when I saw these on line I was pleased and thus checked the manufactures website to find information pertaining to these boots. So after examining the information I purchased a pair of the boots. They look the fairy similar to my original pair but the quality is somewhat different from the US military grade of footwear. More reinforced stitching plus the steel plate is from the front to the back of the boot. In the write-up mention is made that they are not military grade. I later noticed that the manufacturers USA web site list all their footwear as being made in CNA ( China). This is not always a bad thing perhaps just different that the original USA made boots. My original pair are size 12R so if you are choosing a pair my estimation is that they are about 2 sizes bigger and also very broad in fit. Also I noticed that the height of the toe box much higher So I have added a photo of both my original US issue boots and the new pair. So I you are buying them perhaps measure your foot and send a request to double check size. I’ll try a size10w and see how that goes. I must admit ordering online makes things a little more difficult. Have requested a return a get a size 10. Looking forward to see how this works since I’m in Australia. Hope this might help you select the right size. Cant wait to get the replacement too see how they stack up.
So far, it has been a good boot for me. It is not govt. issue from Vietnam era though. Does not have the mesh Saran liner either. B rating
Great boot for the money. The only issue I have found is the sole is separating after only a couple months. Some basic shoe repair glue or rubber cement will fix the issue. The soles also leave marks on some of the tile floors I walk on. Other than that they are comfortable and easy on the feet.
It was good for the first month, except it didn't shine too well, the leather was a bit gritty. The rubber sole also kinda rubbed off pretty good on the concrete but stopped for me after I started getting the soles caked in mud. Now, after a Month and a half or so, one of the metal eyelets ripped out of the leather. Then again, I started to do some running and playing lacrosse in them after the first month. It's decent but it could have been much better. Another thing to keep in mind is that they're huge.
I bought a pair of these boots eight months ago. The break-in period is worse than Dr. Marten's, by far. I would recommend using some type of insole, and the thickest wool socks you can find, as the soles aren't too foot-friendly. I have used this boot for rough, off-trail hiking, mountain climbing, and work, and it has met my expectations. The tread is excellent for climbing steep hills, as you can grind your foot into the dirt and create a solid foot-hold. The tread has worn a bit faster than I had expected, but I probably have another eight months left in them. As others have said, the leather will crack at the stress point on the top. A way to counter this is to use a product called "mink oil". This keeps the leather hydrated and waterproof, helping to prevent cracks. The soles aren't non skid, either- if you're walking on anything like a gym or linoleum floor, walk carefully. MAKE SURE TO ORDER AT LEAST ONE SIZE SMALLER, THOUGH! I normally wear a men's 11R, and I went all the way down to a size 9R, and these fit snug. Overall, I am happy with these boots, and would buy them again.
Nice boot good tred, but ripped when braking in on the seam of the canvas and rubber part not for heavy use in my opinion
I have this kind of jungle boots I buyed and they hold up Ive had them for over a year they hold up well nice army boots I wear them when its cold sometimes its warmer than tenni shoes is...
Excellent products. Good shipping delivery.
Very good. Very practical.

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