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Rothco MOLLE Tactical Trauma Kit

Item #: 2052 Price: $67.99

Be prepared and ready with our MOLLE Tactical Trauma Kit. This military medical pouch includes over 40 essential emergency items, and features a full-length, two-way zipper for quick and easy access. These medical trauma kits are great for active-duty personnel, public safety, outdoor enthusiasts, and more.

  • FULLY STOCKED: Be prepared and ready with our MOLLE Tactical Trauma Kit. This military medical pouch includes over 40 essential emergency items, and features a full-length, two-way zipper for quick and easy access.
  • SECURE YOUR GEAR: Measuring 7 inch x 8 inch x 3 inch, the MOLLE pouch offers a convenient place to store and carry your emergency supplies and survival equipment. The tactical bag also features interior elastic bands and a hidden pocket.
  • POWERFUL COMPOSITION: These tactical emergency pouches are designed to conquer any terrain with a tough and water-resistant 900D Polyester material (MultiCam is 1000D Cordura Nylon). They also contain a grommet for internal drainage.
  • SEAMLESS INTEGRATION: The MOLLE compatible pouch features PALS webbing for securing additional gear, along with straps for mounting the pouch to a tactical vest, outdoor pack, or bugout bag.
  • INCLUDED SUPPLIES: 18 Bandages in various sizes, Blood Stopper Kit, Stainless Steel Tweezers, EMT Shears, Abdominal Pad (5” x 9”), 6 Safety Pins, Pair of Latex Gloves, 4 2-Packs of Aspirin, and Adhesive Tape Roll (1/2"x2.5yds)
  • INCLUDED SUPPLIES CONT’D: 6 BZK Towelettes, 5 Butterfly Closure Strips, 2 Ammonia Inhalants, Burn Gel Package, and Paper Instructions.
WARNING: California Residents Click Here For California Prop 65 Warning.
  • 900D Polyester, MultiCam is 1000D Cordura Nylon
  • Yes
  • 20 Bandages, Stainless Steel Tweezers, EMT Shears, Safety Pins, Blood Stopper Kit, Sterile Gauze Pads, Latex Gloves, Tape, Aspirin Packages, Lifesaving Instructions
  • 7 inch x 8 inch x 3 inch
  • Polyester
  • CHN
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These are decent, entry-level kits - but DO NOT mistake them for the more substantial #8766 model (lol - like I did) Great case, and decent sellers at this price point.

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