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Rothco Paracord Keychain

Item #: 959 Price: $4.99

Rothco’s Paracord Keychain is a survival accessory with countless applications ready for use anytime and anywhere. Conveniently keep it hooked to your belt loops or bag for quick and easy access.

  • The Key Chain Allows You To Access 4.5 Feet Of Paracord When Disassembled That Can Be Used In Emergency Situations
  • Parachute Cord Can Be Used To Tightly Secure Objects While Camping, Hiking, And During Other Outdoor Activities
  • Easily Hook Paracord Keyring To A Belt Loop Or Bag Loop For Quick Access At All Times And As A Survival Accessory
  • Equipped With A Metal Clasp To Hold Keys, Pocket Knives, And Other Add On Pieces
  • Dimensions: 2.3cm Wide X 9cm Long
WARNING: California Residents Click Here For California Prop 65 Warning.
  • CHN
  • 9 cm
  • Black, Olive Drab, Olive Drab / Black
  • polyester and zinc alloy
  • Polyester, Zinc Alloy
  • 300
  • Yes

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