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Rothco European Surplus Style Wool Blanket

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Looking for a dependable blanket that’ll withstand consistent outdoor use? Our European Surplus Style Wool Blankets are inspired from the field-proven Italian Army Wool Blanket, offering unparallel warmth and comfort. These military blankets are great for camping trips, outdoor adventures, tailgate parties, festivals and concerts, or during any day-to-day use. These rugged blankets easily conquer the wildness, giving you a place to relax and enjoy the moment.

  • TACKLE THE GREAT OUTDOORS: Our European Surplus Style Wool Blankets are inspired from the Italian Army Wool Blanket, offering unparallel warmth and comfort. These outdoor blankets are great for camping trips, festivals and concerts, or daily use.
  • MILITARY STYLE BLANKET: These wool blankets are made of a natural fire-retardant material. Pack it along with your other survival gear, as it doubles as an emergency blanket. They also feature two stripe patterns that call back to their heritage.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Constructed with a heavyweight, yet breathable and comfortable 90% wool / 10% synthetic blend, these camping blankets provide instant warmth. These military wool blankets are designed to keep you dry and insulate your body heat.
  • LIMITLESS APPLICATIONS & USES: These outdoor emergency blankets work well in a variety of environments, including sand and snow. These outdoor camping blankets are great to keep on hand, especially for those with active lifestyles.
  • PORTABLE AND EASY TO CARRY: Our transportable wool blankets are perfect to use alone or with another person. Even with a heavyweight composition, they’re easy to fold and compact. Conveniently store it in your backpack, survival bag, or car.
  • DIFFERENT SIZES OFFERED: These outdoor field blankets come in two different sizes: 62” x 80” (fits most cots), and 66” x 90” (ideally fits twin size beds).
  • 62" x 80", 66" x 90"
  • 90% Wool, 10% Blended Fibers
  • No
  • Wool
  • IND
  • Yes
  • Brown
  • 276
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Great wool blanket, easy to carry on a pack and comfortable to sleep in, was a little too thin to keep you warm in cooler temperatures but definitely the best wool blanket I have come by. The cons are that it is pretty thin and I wouldn't recommend using by itself in a hammock below 0 Celsius, and that I had to dry clean mine before using because the whatever was on it made my skin peel off my hands. But after dry cleaning, I never had that problem. Would buy more and I recommend for anyone looking for a good, inexpensive wool blanket for camping, prepping, survival or bushcraft.

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